Why Aluminium 1


When designing a space, there are a plethora of options for materials to use for windows and doors. Yet, Aluminium has proven to be prevalent over the years. Robust aluminium possesses properties that have helped revolutionize many technological sectors. Resistant to corrosion and with no accompanied maintenance cost, aluminium is strong and long lasting while being 100% recyclable.


Time travelling to older times, wood and steel were the two most used materials for windows and doors. Although people continue to use these materials in rare cases to achieve a rustic or earthy look, about 74% of homeowners have shifted to aluminium as their material of choice. In today’s times where more is less, Aluminium provides the sleek minimalistic look while also being highly functional. It is truly the modern alternative.


When converted into an alloy, aluminium delivers high strength. Aluminium is also known to be the second most malleable and sixth more ductile element on Earth. In other words, aluminium can be bent or pressed into any shape or can be drawn into wires yet it will not crack or lose its strength and toughness. Its lightweight also makes it the perfect material for windows, doors and curtain walling.


A thermally insulated aluminium window is sure to shield your home from unpleasant external environments or temperatures. Both in summer as well as in winter aluminium windows make sure that your home is protected and that which is on the outside doesn’t get a chance to escape to the inside. Furthermore, aluminium’s high reflectivity enables it to fend off solar radiation and helps preserve the natural temperature inside the house.

Aluminium is certainly the best choice for homes located in an urban environment with high noise pollution. Sealed and packed tightly, with no space for sound to pass through Aluminium windows offer high levels of sound insulation as well.


An excellent material of creation – Aluminium can be a dream come true in terms of it’s design flexibility and application. Properties of this metal make it ideal for slim as well as voluminous profiles. While it can offer the currently trending minimalistic look with more space and scope for a view, it can also prove to be a simple yet sure solution to many design barriers. Available in a numerous finishes and colours, Aluminium gives you the freedom to choose the best for your space.


Not only is aluminium a 100% recyclable but it also only takes up to 5% of the initial energy spent in recycling it, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint and lesser costs. This makes it an environmentally friendly as well as smart choice considering wood that takes more than twenty years to grow back. Combined with the right materials, Aluminium windows can also help you to save energy and electricity.

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