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Doors & Windows are intelligently designed solutions for warmth, wind and light without the risk of an intruder trespassing. These environment balancing elements play a very important role in any given space. Doors & windows are the first and last thing any individual sees on entering or leaving a space, house or room. This direct connection to the rest of the world is not only our portal of freedom and communication but also a shield from everything unwanted on the outside.

When choosing such an important aspect of your space it is best to know of all the options available and to then opt for the best match customised to your specific needs and sensibilities.


When building a house, the windows turn out to be an integral part in framing it’s appearance. As much effort as you put in deciding the interior decor, you must also invest in selecting the right window style and manufacturers.

Checkout our range of different combinations that are compatible with 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 Track typologies to choose from based on your need.

Add-on Capabilities

Home Automation

The new technology driven Automatic systems are designed with hi-tech international fittings to enable windows & doors to open and close automatically. No more pushing & pulling of the windows & doors.

Mosquito Nets

Some of our systems are capable to accomodate mosquito net shutters.


Horizontal and Vertical pivoting allow you to maximise the opening. Our pivot windows make use of a specially designed system equally suited to office buildings and luxury domestic spaces.

Locking Options

Locks are known to provide security and functionality to our doors and windows. Specially in case of Aluminium doors and windows. In the aluminium industry, “lock” is primarily used for sliding systems while locks are known as mechanisms in context to tilt & turn and lift & slide systems.

In case of sliding doors used at the entry, there are various options for locks depending on the level of security and usage.

Here you can find locking systems with various point options:

Burglary Resistance

While Doors & Windows are pathways into and back from the outside world for us, they are also peeks into your privacy and a point of possible breach of security.

Our products have various levels of Burglary Resistance capabilities which will provide protection ranging from Occational to Experienced burglars.

Standard EN 1627 specifies requirements and classification systems for burglar resistant characteristics of pedestrian doorsets, windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters.

Installation Options

Inside Hidden, Inside & Outside Hidden, Fusion and Railing type of installation options are available in our products to suite your requirements and aesthetic choices.

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